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The Democratic Autonomy Federation (DAF) is an anti-authoritarian, anti-dogmatic leftist political organization made by and for everyday people who share a common vision of building another world.


We consider ourselves revolutionaries in the sense that we think that the way things are just isn't cutting it for most people, and there have to be deep and fundamental changes in the ways we think of democracy. Our lives are largely defined by relationships that put most people in positions of very little power, forcing them to live realities not of their making. If we want to take the idea of democracy seriously, then that means everyone should be able to intervene in the construction of a common society.


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Domestically, Trumpism signals the “legitimization” of a flagrant and overt racism and sexism. #BlackLivesMatters has exposed the results of the prison industrial complex and the contours of racism against Black people. Deportations continue to define the lives of so many people trying to escape economic and criminal violence spurred by the gutting of economies across the global south. Women's rights have remained consistently under assault over the past decades. Meaningful work is harder to find, while workplace democracy is greatly diminished, as rights and wages fail to establish a sense empowerment or a meaningful standard of living.


Internationally, everyday people in the  global south continue to be the victim of unilateral politics that spells disaster for the many. The Middle East is living the results of an instability produced by the western support of dictatorships, the economic crisis of 2007/2008, and the United States government’s military intervention across the region. The resulting refugee crisis has aided a rising right wing that exploits the crisis to paint the problem of western Europe's inequality as a racial problem, and not a politico-economic one. All the while, the global environment has been pillaged under the pressure of capitalism's inherent demand for compound growth and the resource exploitation it entails.


Today our lives are defined by inequality and textured by the scales of insecurity. Few experience a sense of certainty.


You're not alone.


The forces we are facing today are deeply rooted in structures of a historical nature. Whether it's the extrajudicial killing of black people, the disenfranchisement and displacement of entire communities, the constant danger people face due to their gender or sex, or the economic inequality that defines the lives of so many people - these realities are the result of a system of domination and exploitation.


So if it's a systemic problem, it's going to take a systemic answer.


The fundamental question of our times is rooted along the question of power then. If we are a democracy, why can we change so little? Why does intervention always comes from above, and so seldom from below? Why must our lives be defined by crippling powerlessness?


The answer to these questions ultimately requires a revolutionary response. That’s why we promote a democratic, popular, and grassroots method of revolution that plays a strategic long-game. We see revolution as a process of becoming, rather than an event. That’s why we are revolutionaries.


At the long term we want a radically democratic society to be popularly constructed and to be premised on anti-racism, anti-patriarchy, anti-nationalism, and anti-capitalism. In positive terms, that means we want to live in a world that will stand on the pillars of feminism, racial equality, and ecology and mutual aid to create a self-governed democracy where the the economy is run by self-managed worker cooperatives.




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